Providing Architectural and Engineering Design and Supervision Services

Providing Architectural and Engineering Design and Supervision Services for CBH - 2025 Main Hospital Building Expansion Project, Construction of Annex Tower

CRB and CBH invites Architectural and Engineering Firms to participate in the tender for A&E Design and Supervision Services for a new hospital building - Annex Tower consisting of four floors (one of which is a basement floor) with an approximate total area of 2700 m2. In this project CRB/CBH’s consultants in Hospital Planning and Medical Equipment Planning will be the engineering office “Universal Hospital Services” in Amman / Jordan.

Distribution of the bidding documents will start against payment of nonrefundable fee of 1000 ILS from 7 March – 13 March 2023 between 09:00 and 14:00 from the Reception Office – Mr. Ala’ Abu Farha at the administration building.

The Procurement Schedule is as follows:

ITB Release07/03/2023
Site Visit15/03/2023
Information Request Deadline20/03/2023
Response to information Request Deadline27/03/2023
Proposal Due Date31/03/2023

Tender proposals have to be submitted in closed envelope to the same office. Deadline for submittal is Friday 31 March 2023 at 12:00 noon. Late bids will not be accepted.

For technical inquiries and visiting the premises please contact the Chief Operations Officer – Mr Atallah Araj at 0562006060 or 02-2758514.