Chinese Delegation of Epidemiological Experts Visit CBH Coronavirus Lab

A Chinese delegation of epidemiological experts made a visit to the Coronavirus laboratory of Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) on Saturday, June 13th. The visit had the goal of getting acquainted with the Palestinian experience and in particular the successful experience of Bethlehem in confronting the pandemic.

During which, the laboratory team, that is made up of CBH staff as well as lab technicians from the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH), explained the mechanisms and standards taken in the Coronavirus diagnostic testing process. A representative of the delegation confirmed upon the examination of the testing mechanism and verification of results that the laboratory is indeed operating within the international standards and with a high level of accuracy.

The CBH administration had previously agreed to fulfill the MoH’s request to provide diagnostic testing services for Coronavirus by dedicating a building that is situated separately from the hospital. This way, the medical and operational services of CBH remain unaffected by the process.

Upon the discovery of the first cases of Coronavirus in Bethlehem on March 5th, around 7,000 tests have been conducted in the Coronavirus lab of CBH.