Palestinian Minister of Health Visits Caritas Baby Hospital

The Palestinian Minister of Health (MoH), Dr. Mai Kaileh, paid a visit to Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) on Saturday 27/6/2020 in recognition of its pioneering role in combating the Coronavirus epidemic. Dr. Kaileh was accompanied by Major General Kamel Hamid, Governor of Bethlehem, Dr. Issa Lahham, Director of Health, Dr. Imad Shihadeh, Director of the Rehabilitation Center in Bethlehem, as well as Dr. Kamal Al Shakhrah, the spokesperson for the MoH.

The visiting delegation was welcomed by the CBH Executive Committee and staff of the Coronavirus laboratory in CBH.

Her Excellency Dr. Kaileh praised the hospital management for its wisdom that has greatly contributed to overcoming the first wave of Coronavirus in the Governorate of Bethlehem. CBH Medical Director, Dr. Hiyam Marzouqa Awad, expressed her gratitude in turn to the delegation for their visit, as it enhances the partnership and cooperation between the governmental and private sectors.

Her Excellency Dr. Kaileh announced earlier in June that the second wave of Coronavirus had started in Palestine, whereas the number of infections since the beginning of the month had tripled to reach 2,345 infections to date.

The CBH administration had responded to a request by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to provide a diagnostic testing service for Coronavirus as of March 14th, whereby a separate building has been dedicated for laboratory testing in compliance with patient safety guidelines.