Caritas Baby Hospital Empowers Local Hospitals against COVID-19

Within the COVID-19 emergency response project implemented by Caritas Baby Hospital in partnership with the Catholic Relief Services, the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) team of Caritas Baby Hospital is assessing NGO hospitals in the West Bank for their COVID-19 preparedness. The on-site assessment, carried out by the IPCC Director & Lab Manager Dr. Musa Hindiyeh, the Quality & Patient Safety Director, Ms. Regine Handal and the IPC Coordinator, Ms. Najah Jeidy, is being followed by a series of coaching and training sessions that address potential shortcomings in order to improve the capacity of local hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The capacity building sessions targets key staff in the respective hospitals with the aim of enhancing their awareness and improving their skills in COVID-19 management. This includes developing policies and procedures that enforce infection prevention and control, and learning about strategies taken to prevent or limit the transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, the training highlights the IPC measures taken to protect both healthcare providers and patients focusing on Personal Protective Equipment and transmission-based precautions. Additionally, the proper technique for COVID-19 nasopharyngeal swab for PCR testing was addressed as well as the topic of medical waste management.

The capacity building component also involves improving the preparedness of the local hospitals for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by maintaining a well-equipped work space. Thus, according to the assessment findings, the Catholic Relief Services is supporting local hospitals with the needed medical equipment and supplies.


Prepared by: Shireen Khamis