CBH Completes Workshop on Premature Infants

Guided by our mission of providing high-quality medical treatment to all children, the Quality and Patient Safety Department (QPS) has organized a workshop that took place throughout the first week of March on common medical problems and complications associated with premature births. 

The lectures, supervised by QPS Director Wafa Ghanem, targeted the medical and nursing staff of the neonatal ward and ICU in CBH and highlighted the importance of effective neurodevelopmental care of premature infants, among which lies pain assessment and management as well as clustering of care. Various therapies commonly provided for such patients were also discussed, such as enteral feeding and total parenteral nutrition, treatment for hypothermia, intraventricular hemorrhage, respiratory distress syndrome and retinopathy of prematurity. Also, nursing care in Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy and Vapotherm was demonstrated. 

Additionally, the workshop aimed to reinforce the importance of correct positioning, swaddling, nesting, among other forms of care, which in turn achieves excellent neurodevelopmental outcomes for premature babies and contribute to their normal growth and development. 

It is worth noting that CBH treats around 700 premature children in its neonatal ward and ICU on an annual basis, sometimes weighing as little as 700 grams; making it one of the hospital’s most valuable services. 

Such workshops are directly connected to the hospital’s strategic plan, which places emphasis on guaranteeing patient safety and proactive risk management. By training the nursing and medical staff of the hospital and broadening their knowledge on important and new methods of treatment, we achieve the desired clinical outcomes and hence ensure the quality of treatment provided to our patients. 

Prepared by: Shaden Shaer