CBH Nurses Complete Medication and Risk Workshop

The Pharmacy (PHR) and Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Departments have executed a comprehensive workshop on the effective management of risks and medications in line with the action plan of the Nursing Department for 2021. The series of lectures within extended across the months of February and March and targeted all CBH nursing staff.  

Among the topics highlighted in this workshop were the effective handling of emergency medications and optimal medication utilization management through the computerized hospital information system, as demonstrated by the PHR manager, Mrs. Abeer Taweel. 

This aimed to enhance the safety and quality of medical-related processes undertaken by the nursing staff, which have a direct impact on the treatment offered to CBH patients both on an outpatient and inpatient basis, guided by international best practices. 

Additionally, the QPS Department, represented by QPS Director Mrs. Wafa Ghanem, tackled risk management and event report review. These entailed equipping the nursing team with the skills necessary to determine risks and manage them according to CBH protocols and World Health Organization-approved standards. Providing real-world case studies further contributed to a better understanding of these concepts, as well as reviewing practices observed during environmental walk-around spot checks. 

The workshop was concluded by revising a survey previously filled out by all nurses on CBH policies and procedures and answering all inquiries they had. 

Such workshops reinforce our mission of providing high-quality medical treatment to all children, as we are continuously striving towards offering better medical care and staying up to date on the latest healthcare practices. 

Prepared by: Shaden Shaer