Caritas Baby Hospital Introduces a Long-term Electroencephalographic Monitoring (LTM EEG) System

As part of improving the neurological services at Caritas Baby Hospital, a long-term electroencephalographic monitoring (LTM EEG) system was installed in the outpatient department.

The new introduction will allow for a 24 hour recording for electrical activity of the brain of CBH patients. Such prolonged ectroencephalogram (EEG) is used primarily for epilepsy monitoring, but it can be used for critical cases in the intensive care unit. The purpose of LTM is to expand the limited time sampling associated with shorter "routine" EEG recording. Thus, offering better diagnosis for neurological disorders among the pediatric population.

On this step, Dr. Nader Handal, the Pediatric Neurologist at CBH explains: “the new intervention will help us to provide enhanced treatment plans for our patients by better understanding their specific health condition”. Strategically, this will allow for improving the life for children with neurological disorders.

At Caritas Baby Hospital, pediatric neurology has been one of the current strategic plan sub- specialties subjected to expansion and improvement in response to the local health needs. Indeed, the number of neurology cases treated at the hospital over doubled in the last five years.

This system is kindly donated by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher – OESSJ.