Caritas Baby Hospital Celebrates World Diabetes Day

The diabetes team at Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) organized today a workshop targeting diabetic patients and their families to celebrate World Diabetes Day; internationally recognized on November 14th.

During the day, Dr. Abdul Salam Abu Libdeh, the hospital’s endocrinologist presented a lecture on the disease, in addition to the latest treatment methods. Furthermore, the Dietary Services Department Manager, Mrs. Marianne Petro provided advice on healthy nutrition for diabetic patients and the calculation of carbohydrates.

The activity also included a lecture about the use of medications, especially insulin with Ms. Tanya Mitwasi, Pharm.D. In addition to distributing diabetes devices to all participants and the ability to check their own devices.

The social worker Mrs. Hiba El Sady, stressed on the importance of providing social and psychosocial support to diabetic patients and their families. Also, CBH Band of Smile clown team carried out entertaining, yet educational activities throughout the workshop.

This activity offered attendees to exchange knowledge and support each other, wherein two diabetic patients shared their stories in overcoming all the circumstances and successfully managing their diabetes. These success stories provided hope and motivation for all diabetic people.