Palestine Marathon Resumes after Two Years of Halt due to COVID-19

More than one hundred participants from Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) joined the Palestine Marathon on Friday March 18, 22.

CBH staff members and their families ran among a total of ten thousand locals and internationals to promote the culture of running in Palestine. Also, participants called for basic human rights and various causes including the right to movement, and the rights of the disabled, women, children and health such in the case of CBH team.  

The Marathon’s route extends over 42,000 kilometers and offers runners different outlooks on Palestinian everyday life. Starting at the Church of the Nativity,  it  takes runners through the town,  along the separation wall and the Caritas Baby Hospital before they continue to two refugee camps (Aida and Dheisheh).

In front of Caritas Baby Hospital, runners were able to take photos in the hospital’s booth, collect some of the hospital’s publications, and enjoy a healthy snack.

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