CBH Completes Workshop on Early Rehabilitation for Children with Down Syndrome

The Department of Physiotherapy at Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) organized on Thursday 19/5/2022, a workshop on early rehabilitation for children with Down syndrome.

The activity targeted affected parents, civil society organizations, professors and students of local universities, in addition to the relevant CBH staff.

The event included sessions on the contributions of physical and occupational therapy during early childhood (0-3 years) in overcoming motor challenges and developing the abilities of children with Down syndrome. The speakers highlighted the importance of empowering children with Down syndrome to become self-reliant in meeting their own needs and performing a job or role commensurate with their capabilities.

The lectures also included advice from specialists on proper nutrition, language development, and psychosocial support for children with the syndrome.

About this activity, Mrs. Asma Sima’an, manager of the Physiotherapy Department at the hospital, said: "This activity aims to serve the children with the syndrome and improve their quality of life. Raising the awareness of the target groups helps to overcome the difficulties associated with Down syndrome and promotes the integration of children into educational frameworks such as kindergartens and schools."

From the audience, Dia’ and Rawan, who came from Hebron with their daughter Farah, said: "We are committed to following up on Farah's situation until she grows up and becomes independent. Unfortunately, our efforts are individual and we look forward to seeing policies that guarantee the rights of this marginalized group.

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