Caritas Baby Hospital Holds the First Pediatric Pulmonary Symposium

Around seventy pediatricians, pediatric pulmonologists, and relevant medical and paramedical professionals, participated on Saturday May 6th in the first Pediatric Pulmonary Symposium held by Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH).

Experts from the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem, the University Children's Hospital in Basel and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Switzerland in St. Gallen were the main speakers in this educational event.

In her opening speech, the Medical Director, Dr. Hiyam Marzouqa Awad welcomed the audience and praised the important scientific exchange with the visiting specialists from Switzerland. Dr. Marzouqa Awad also highlighted the added value of such scientific conference to building the local medical capacities.

On the content of the day, Prof. Dr. Jurg Barben from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Switzerland gave a presentation on the asthma management and the importance of allergy testing in determining the treatment plan. The professor also shared the latest studies on the impact of modern smoking trends, such as electronic cigarettes, on health.

From the University Children's Hospital in Basel, Prof. Dr. Jurg Hammer presented a lecture on pleural empyema associated normally with bacterial pneumonia and a second lecture on respiratory problems in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

From the same university hospital, Prof. Dr. Daniel Trachsel shared the latest developments in cystic fibrosis. He also discussed sleep-disordered breathing in children in a second lecture.

From Caritas Baby Hospital, pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Ra’fat Allawi gave a lecture on the management of acute bronchiolitis, while Dr. Haytham Erekat and Dr. Mazen Janazra shared CBH experience in treating pediatric pulmonary cases.

On behalf of the attendees, Dr. Hania Al Jouzi, member of CBH advisory council (HAC) and head of the neonatal department at St. Joseph Hospital in Jerusalem, appreciated the high level coordination and organization of the event. Al Jouzi added, "It is a wonderful opportunity to meet experts in the field of pediatric pulmonology and learn from their experiences."

As for the visiting speaker, Prof. Dr.  Barben, he praised the interest and passion of the participants, as he said, "I feel proud to have participated in this important day". Barben added, "I am very impressed with the Palestinian expertise in treating pulmonary diseases, despite the limited means".

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