Diabetes Workshop at Caritas Baby Hospital

As part of their ongoing efforts to support children with diabetes and their families, the Department of Social Services at Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH), in collaboration with the Ashuja'an Association for Juvenile Diabetes and Ibdaa Cultural Center, organized an educational and entertaining workshop. This initiative targeted twenty children, aged between six and twelve, from Bethlehem area who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes.

The workshop began with a welcoming speech from social worker Hiba Sa’di, emphasizing the department's role in providing psychological and social support to families affected by diabetes. Dr. Abdulsalam Abu Libdeh, the pediatric endocrinologist at CBH, then presented a lecture on the latest medical developments in diabetes, which increased awareness among both families and children.

Pharm. D. Tania Mitwasi, provided a valuable lecture on the types of insulin used for treating type one diabetes, in addition to instructions on their correct usage. Nutritionist Natalie Abu Saada offered guidance on proper nutrition and techniques for calculating carbohydrates to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

The day also featured entertaining activities, including games and distribution of gifts, designed to promote children’s wellbeing and strengthen the relationships among the affected families.

Reflecting on the workshop, Hanan, a mother of a diabetic daughter, expressed, “The importance of this meeting lies not only in learning the latest medical information about the disease, but also in the solidarity felt among families and local community institutions, which reassured my daughter that she is not alone in facing diabetes”.