Newborn Screening Tests

Hip Ultrasound 
Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) provides hip ultrasound screening; a preventive test for newborns that allows the early identification of diseases and disorders related to the hip before symptoms appear and serious complications arise. 

Among those diseases is the Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), which is an abnormal development of the hip joint and may lead to dislocation in the hip. DDH can be detected in newborns as young as one month old and can usually be adjusted with the use of a harness or brace. 

Screening of Hearing 
Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) provides screening of hearing services for newborns between one and six months, as a preventive measure and to identify risks of hearing loss or deafness. 

Hearing problems might impair communication and language skills in a child and have an impact on his/her academic and social skills. Early intervention considerably increases chances for the treatment’s effectiveness and promotes the baby’s healthy development.


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