Laboratory Tests

Therapeutic Drugs Monitoring 
To cope with the needs of our outpatient clinic services, the laboratory offers a wide range of therapeutic drugs monitoring, which includes monitoring the medications for various neurological diseases. The rapid turnaround of performing these tests allows our physicians to promptly manage their patient treatment plan and avoid any medication toxicity. 

Sweat Test
CBH laboratory is specialized in sweat chloride testing of patients suspected of having cystic fibrosis (CF). This test is designed to measure the amount of chloride in a child’s sweat by stimulating the skin to produce enough sweat, which is then absorbed into a special collector and analyzed. The result will in turn determine whether the patient suffers from CF – a high level of chloride - or not. 

CBH laboratory is the only lab in Palestine that confirms results of sweat chloride testing with a chlorometer. Over 100 CF cases are currently being treated in CBH, making it one of the major healthcare providers in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of CF. 

Please book an appointment for the sweat test.