Caritas Baby Hospital Celebrates World Diabetes Day

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day which is internationally celebrated on 14.11.2019, the Dietary Services Department (DSD) along with the diabetes team of Caritas Baby Hospital have organized and carried out a workshop on diabetes on Friday 29.11.2019. 

The activity, which targeted diabetic patients and their families, involved an informative lecture by CBH endocrinologist, Dr. Abdul Salam Abu Libdeh, wherein useful medical information about the disease, as well as the latest treatment methods, were shared with the families. Moreover, advice on healthy nutrition for diabetic patients and the calculation of carbohydrates was given by the nutritionist, Ms. Marianne Petro. 

Apart from its medical value, this activity offered a platform for diabetic patients and their parents to exchange knowledge and support each other, wherein the Department for Social Services and the Band of Smile carried out entertaining, yet educational activities throughout the workshop.

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