Residency Program

Caritas Baby Hospital offers opportunities for residency to young graduates fresh out of medical school. This program allows the residents to fulfill their formal practical medical education and complete the educational requirements for the medical specialty certifying board.

Our hospital is accredited by the Palestinian Medical Council as a teaching hospital. Medical doctors can specialize in pediatrics at CBH for two and a half years out of the four-year residency program. We can accept up to 10 resident doctors all at once. During their residency, enrolled doctors will rotate general pediatrics, neonatal and intensive care, subspecialties and emergency. Resident doctors are supervised by our pediatricians who also evaluate trainee reports regularly. They also have the opportunity to conduct medical research under the supervision of the research committee. 

To take part in the residency program at CBH, it is recommended to await vacancy announcements by our Human Resources (HR) office. The medical director can also accept resident doctors’ exchange with other local hospitals that are part of the Palestinian Medical Council residency program. 

For further information, please contact the HR office at hr@cbh.ps