Student Internships

Local Students

Caritas Baby Hospital offers clinical practice training for students enrolled in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, physiotherapy and laboratory programs at local universities. 

Deans or the clinical coordinators from various faculties can coordinate with the relevant CBH staff members to arrange for the students’ intended internship field. 

Nursing and Midwifery Students 
Contact Person: Mrs. Rania Qumsieh 

Pharmacy Students
Contact Person: Mrs. Abeer El Taweel

Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech Therapy Students
Contact Person: Mrs. Asma Siman

Lab Students
Contact Person: Dr. Mousa Hindiyeh

Medical Students
Contact Person: Dr. Nader Handal

International Students 

International medical students (MD) are eligible to register for a credit-bearing internship in Caritas Baby Hospital. For more information on student eligibility and internship requirements, please contact the HR Office at osama.nassar@cbh.ps.