Dietary Services

Hospital meals are an integral part of inpatients’ treatment process, as they facilitate recovery and improve patient as well as parent satisfaction regarding the overall experience in the hospital. 

Providing optimal nutritional care and quality food and milk service that meet neonatal and pediatric patients’ nutritional needs is the goal of Caritas Baby Hospital’s Dietary Services. 

At CBH, meals are prepared and provided according the young patient’s health needs. Accordingly, a ready-to-serve trolley is used to ensure that each patient is given his own food tray which consists of a meal suitable for his age, swallowing abilities, diet and overall health condition. Enteral feeding is also available to certain cases. 

A milk kitchen supports the work of the dietary services by preparing, storing and meeting inpatients’ milk needs.  

Also, the clinical dietician assess patients’ nutritional needs and provides nutrition counseling for parents during hospitalization and after discharge in the nutrition clinic to guarantees the quality of nutrition infants receive at home. 

The dietary services team is leading the “Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative” program at CBH launched by the WHO and UNICEF in 1991. This involves promoting practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding.