The Government

Caritas Baby Hospital (CBH) cooperates closely with the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) on various governance and medical levels. As an integral part of the Palestinian healthcare system, we adhere to the MoH laws and procedures.
The cooperation between MoH and CBH includes a provision of medical services by our hospital upon referrals from the MoH hospitals, while the MoH facilitates referring patients that need tertiary treatment to a third party hospital. In addition, both parties actively collaborate in the fields of patient safety, medical research and antimicrobial stewardship.

CBH is accredited by the Palestinian Medical Council (PMC), which is affiliated with the MoH, as a teaching hospital. Medical doctors can specialize in pediatrics at our hospital for two and a half years out of the four-year residency program.

We work with the Ministry of Social Development, the Child Protection Network, as well as the Governorate of Bethlehem with the goal of guaranteeing holistic medical and psychosocial service delivery for underprivileged children. Within the same partnership, we aim to protect children and women at risk.