Medical Waste Building

In compliance with the medical waste control regulations recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local regulatory bodies, CBH has recently operated the new medical waste building. This serves as a facility for medical waste management, in order to prevent cross-infections thereby assuring the well-being of patients and staff, along with the environment. Another area of the building was dedicated for the storage of highly flammable hazard material and chemicals keeping those away from the main hospital building.

Medical waste is any is any solid waste item that is generated in the diagnosis and treatment process of patients. This type of waste must be disposed of properly, or it can quickly spread diseases and viruses and potentially cause outbreaks.

Proper management of medical waste and hazard materials unites with the mission of CBH, which places a child’s welfare at the core of our treatment process as reflected by our quality and patient safety practices.

It is worth to mention that CBH is the only hospital in the area that operates a facility dedicated solely for medical waste separation, treatment and storage.

Prepared by: Shaden Shaer