Caritas Baby Hospital Concludes the Secret of Positive Interaction with Children (KESS) Course

Caritas Baby Hospital carried out a training course entitled “The Secret of Positive Interaction with Children” or (KESS Course) under the supervision of the in-Service coordinator, Lamees Ghareeb and staff nurse Milad Azar. The activity targeted mothers with children up to 3 years old.

This training course is based on the theories of individual psychology. It provides mothers and parents with information and recommendations on how to enhance their relationship with their child, support their development from early stages, and facilitate successful interaction within the family. In addition to experiencing joyful, and positive moments with the young children through applying conscious observation.

About this course, one of the participants said: "The course made a significant change in my reaction and analysis of situations, and this was reflected in my family as we became calmer and happier”.