Caritas Baby Hospital Launches the Celebrations of the Hospital’s 70th Anniversary

In a Holy Liturgy presided over by Father Antonios Habib, the Caritas Baby Hospital’s administration, staff and advisory council members renowned the Hospital’s Day. The event also was highlighted by launching the celebrations for the 70th anniversary for the establishment of the hospital.

In his sermon, Father Habib stressed the importance of the hospital in being a place of serenity for all children who need medical treatment and humanitarian services. The priest also strengthened the hands of the employees who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ with their devotion in supporting the poor and the disadvantaged.

As for the CEO of the hospital, Mr. Issa Al-Bandak, his speech focused on the importance of the human being in the existence of the hospital. Al-Bandak affirmed that the courage of the early founders at a time when capabilities were limited and challenges abounded was the fundamental reason behind this current great edifice.

In the same context, Al-Bandak congratulated all the employees who provide daily treatment and social and psychological assistance to the sick children and their families. He also recognised the fact that their presence is crucial for of the sustainability of the hospital and the continuity of the founders' humanitarian mission.

Caritas Baby Hospital was established in 1953 in Bethlehem, following the Nakba and the exacerbation of the need, especially among children, for medical intervention. The credit for its establishment is given to the delegates of Caritas Switzerland Fr. Ernest Schnydrig and Hedwig Vetter in addition to the Palestinian Physician Dr. Antoine Dabdoub. The hospital is run and operated since 1963 by the association of Children’s Relief Bethlehem based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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